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Wendy Lin

DRE # 02198313

In a moment’s decision, I turned my home into an investment property. I had received an offer for a full-time position, 4 hours away. Having wanted this job for years, I made the decision to put my home up for rent, not ready to just part with it yet. This way, I would still have the option to move back.
Fast forward to today, I did not move back;
Instead, I’ve grown to have multiple investment properties, both in and out of state, as well as a growing network that initially stemmed from the Bigger Pockets community, now connected through social media to other fellow investors, all the while motivated by my best friends who also invest in real estate. How did I start?
In addition to participating in the real estate community and hours of research and self-study and video and phones calls, I attribute the ability to: EQUITY. There is just something about the equity in a California home. The equity that built up from owning my first home allowed me to purchase my next home while continuing to cash flow, leading me to pursue fix and flips as well as short term rentals. While it all was an exhilarating experience, it’s not short of hard work and discipline, and I can honestly say I traded a
9- 5pm job for a 24/7 job,
but am loving every moment of it. It is amazing to be able to talk
about what I love to do, and I wouldn’t trade this for anything! This has led me to become the real estate agent in my team. That’s the quick summary of it. If you want to learn more about my journey feel free to reach out. But first, think about this: What’s your goal? Is it financial freedom?
Also, what is your
next best step
(ie: contacting me, finding a lender, researching
a zip code you want to focus in, etc..)? As a real estate agent, I’m happy to share my experience as an investor, and help you search for a property that meets your criteria. I will negotiate for you to get you the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time. Are you upsizing or downsizing? I will coordinate the sale of your old home and the purchase of your new one. What if you’re a first-time home buyer? Definitely talk to me. There were so many things I could have done differently for my first home purchase I wished I was educated about. Remember, do your research! Or, just ask me! I can refer you to one or several lenders I’ve worked with before who are knowledgeable about California specific state programs. They can check to see if you qualify to put minimum 5% down on your primary home. Some even qualify for 3.5%! No joke. I can help you submit a successful offer to get you into the Home of your dreams. Let’s make your dreams become a reality. First time investor? I’m here to help! Check out my posts on Instagram @Wendylinhomes for more current updates. Check out my blogs and Q&A session for more information. Happy to meet your acquaintance!
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